Responsibility at Shropshires

The following information describes how Shropshires adheres to environmental legislation, and pursues a responsible attitude towards Environmental and Health & Safety issues.


Health & Safety Policies

A C Shropshire Ltd. places great importance on Health and Safety matters. The company undertakes to conduct its operations in such a way as to ensure the health and safety of all its employees, customers, suppliers and visitors and anyone else who may be affected by its operations.

We endeavour to create a safe and healthy working environment in which our employees are aware of the importance of health and safety. We encourage employees to participate in health and safety matters and to have regard to the welfare of themselves and others. Health and safety issues will be discussed during each monthly management meeting.

We require all our employees to comply with their obligation to act in a safe manner and to fully co-operate with management in matters of health and safety. Risk assessments of all major tasks have been undertaken to promote a safe working environment for our employees and those around us.

Please familiarise yourself with the Company’s health and safety policies and also the safe working procedures and safe systems of work relevant to your employment.

This health and safety policy is reviewed on an annual basis by Mr Richard Cox CMIOSH. Workplace inspections and audits are also carried out during the year by Mr Richard Cox CMIOSH.

Health and Safety management and procedures are documented in this policy. More detailed information regarding your co-operation; interest and participation are vital to the Company and will be appreciated. Several procedures that involve Health and Safety issues are duplicated within FEMAS (Feed Material Assurance Scheme). As an integral part of FEMAS all employees should be familiar with the aims and objectives of the Quality System. Therefore the two sets of documentation should be read in conjunction with each other.

Environmental Responsibilities

AC Shropshire Ltd continues to be committed to the long-term protection of the environment and encouraging sustainable development, as well as explaining to all our customers exactly how we go about it.

Our focus on reclaiming the value in waste through energy production and animal feed plays an important role in the UK`s sustainability programme and assists in the larger global requirement.

We seek to make continuous improvement in our own environmental performance, indentifying waste reduction, re-use and recycling wherever possible and economically feasable.

Do you have a question about our environmental credentials?

If so we'd be happy to discuss our responsibilities and procedures. Please call us or send a question to our team.