Surplus Food Waste to Energy

How does food waste recycling work at Shropshires?

  1. Illustration of types of food waste processed at Shropshires

    1 We collect all food waste from commercial premises (except glass), DAF sludge, oils, fats, and slurries.

  2. Illustration of the AD Plant tanks at Shropshires

    2 We process it in our advanced AD Plant where bacteria work on the food waste in a controlled environment.

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    3 The process creates biogas which is sent to Generators to create 3.2 MW of electricity, and bio-fertiliser for farms.

reduce the cost of food waste disposal!


What is Anaerobic Digestion?

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is the natural breakdown of organic materials into methane and carbon dioxide gas and fertiliser. This takes place naturally, or in an Anaerobic Digestestion Plant. A digester is a sealed vessel (or series of vessels) in which bacteria act without oxygen. The organic material content(s) needs to be fully mixed and warmed.

Biogas is the name given to the mixture of gases formed during the anaerobic digestion of organic wastes.

Our Anaerobic Digestion Plant converts most of the organic material in food waste into renewable energy – electricity and heat. The remaining material is a liquid biofertiliser containing nitrogen, phosphate, potash and other trace elements which can be spread to farmland, significantly reducing the need for manufactured/inorganic fertiliser. Anaerobic Digestion plants can also process energy crops, farm slurries, crop waste and other organic materials.

Why you should choose to work in partnership with Shropshires

    Competitive disposal rates.
    We are happy to collect food waste from you using our own fleet of vehicles.
    'Origin' system to reduce factory food waste.
    We operate our wholly owned, fully licenced Anaerobic Digestion facility.

Shropshires food waste recycling service accepts loose, packaged and liquid waste contained within bags, skips, compactors, trade waste vehicles, drums, IBC's, tankers, dolav's and on pallets. Loose food waste is fed straight into the Anaerobic Digestion Plant while packaged waste is processed in a special de-packaging machine and then re-used via waste to energy.

Does your business have food waste? We'd love to hear from you.

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